Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems

Overview – Special Issue “Assessing the Sustainability of Urban Agriculture: Methodological Advances and Case Studies”

The special issue that was edited for the journal MDPI Sustainability regarding the sustainability assessment of urban agriculture contains a total of 9 original research article on the topic.

  1. Chou, R.; Wu, C.; Huang, F. Fostering Multi-Functional Urban Agriculture: Experiences from the Champions in a Revitalized Farm Pond Community in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Sustainability 2017, 9(11), 2097. DOI. Link.
  2. Sioen, G.; Terada, T.; Sekiyama, M.; Yokohari, M. Resilience with Mixed Agricultural and Urban Land Uses in Tokyo, Japan. Sustainability 2018, 10(2), 435; DOI. Link.
  3. Pollard, G.; Ward, J.; Roetman, P. Typically Diverse: The Nature of Urban Agriculture in South Australia. Sustainability 2018, 10(4), 945; DOI. Link.
  4. Petit-Boix, A.; Apul, D. From Cascade to Bottom-Up Ecosystem Services Model: How Does Social Cohesion Emerge from Urban Agriculture?. Sustainability 2018, 10(4), 998; DOI. Link.
  5. Rogge, N.; Theesfeld, I.; Strassner, C. Social Sustainability through Social Interaction—A National Survey on Community Gardens in Germany. Sustainability 2018, 10(4), 1085; DOI. Link.
  6. Blay-Palmer, A.; Santini, G.; Dubbeling, M.; Renting, H.; Taguchi, M.; Giordano, T. Validating the City Region Food System Approach: Enacting Inclusive, Transformational City Region Food Systems. Sustainability 2018, 10(5), 1680; DOI. Link.
  7. Dezio, C.; Marino, D. Towards an Impact Evaluation Framework to Measure Urban Resilience in Food Practices. Sustainability 2018, 10(6), 2042; DOI. Link.
  8. Sanyé-Mengual, E.; Gasperi, D.; Michelon, N.; Orsini, F.; Ponchia, G.; Gianquinto, G. Eco-Efficiency Assessment and Food Security Potential of Home Gardening: A Case Study in Padua, Italy. Sustainability 2018, 10(7), 2124; DOI. Link.
  9. Sanyé-Mengual, E.; Orsini, F.; Gianquinto, G. Revisiting the Sustainability Concept of Urban Food Production from a Stakeholders’ Perspective. Sustainability 2018, 10(7), 2175; DOI. Link.

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