Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems

29.9.2017 – European researchers’ night at Bologna

This Friday 29.9, one of the big outreach events of Susturbanfoods will take place at the city centre of Bologna, within the European researchers’ night (Notte Europea dei Ricercatori).

The Notte Europea dei Ricercatori includes multiple locations with activities and outreach events as a bridge between society and research. Check out the complete program in Bolonga here.

We will be at Palazzo d’Accursio, in the city council building, presenting the laboratory UPCYCLING PER L’ORTO, where common household wastes are transformed into microgardens for allowing the self-production of vegetables in cities.

The LAB aims to:

  • Show to the citizens the horticultural techniques that can be employed in DIY-microgardening
  • Generate awareness on the generation of household wastes and the potential second uses
  • Talk with the society about urban gardening and urban food, in particular by addressing hot debates (e.g., food safety) with scientific data
  • Display images of on-going urban agriculture projects and their sigificance for sustainability

The video of the preparation for the LAB is already availble in this VIMEO link.

See you on Friday evening!

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