Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems

Launching of the “Rooftop Urban Agriculture” book

The new launching of the Urban agriculture series of Springer (edited by Christine Aubry, Éric Duchemin and Joe Nasr) is the book Rooftop Urban Agriculture, which has been edited by Francesco Orsini, Giorgio Gianquinto (Research Centre in Urban Environment for Agriculture and Biodivercity), Marielle Dubbeling and Henk de Zeeuw (RUAF Foundation).

The book was launched during the International Symposium on Greener Cities for more efficient ecosystem services in a climate changing world, GreenCities2017, which was held 12-15th September in the city of Bologna, Italy.

Here, the list of contents and authors is available:

Part I The Status and Challenges of Rooftop Agriculture Marielle Dubbeling

·        Introduction Marielle Dubbeling, Francesco Orsini, and Giorgio Gianquinto

·        A Panorama of Rooftop Agriculture Types Joe Nasr, June Komisar, and Henk de Zeeuw

·        Rooftop Farming Policy Tim Delshammar, Sofie Brincker, Kristian Skaarup, and Livia Urban Swart Haaland


Part II Design of Rooftop Agriculture Systems Francesco Orsini

·        Elements of Rooftop Agriculture Design Silvio Caputo, Pedro Iglesias, and Heather Rumble

·        Soil Based and Simplified Hydroponics Rooftop Gardens Alfredo Rodríguez-Delfín, Nazim Gruda, Christine Eigenbrod, Francesco Orsini, and Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto

·        Technology for Rooftop Greenhouses Juan I. Montero, Esteban Baeza, Pere Muñoz, Esther Sanyé-Mengual, and Cecilia Stanghellini

·        Rooftop Aquaponics Beatrix Alsanius, Sammar Khalil, and Rolf Morgenstern

·        Integrating Rooftop Agriculture into Urban Infrastructure M. Gorgolewski and V. Straka


Part III Rooftop Agriculture Management Giorgio Gianquinto

·        Water Management and Irrigation Systems Ioannis L. Tsirogiannis, Francesco Orsini, and Paulo Luz

·        Managing Mineral Nutrition in Soilless Culture Alberto Pardossi, Luca Incrocci, Maria C. Salas, and Giorgio Gianquinto

·        Sustainable Pest Management Giovanni Bazzocchi and Stefano Maini

·        Produce Quality and Safety Beatrix W. Alsanius, Andrea Kosiba Held, Martine Dorais, Cecilia Moraa Onyango, and Lars Mogren


Part IV Multifunctional Rooftop Agriculture Francesco Orsini

·        Rooftop Agriculture for Improved Food and Nutrition Security W. Baudoin, Y. Desjardins, M. Dorais, R. Charrondière, L. Herzigova, U. El-Behairy, N. Metwaly, C. Marulanda, and N. Ba

·        Biodiversity of Flora and Fauna Francesca Bretzel, Francesca Vannucchi, Stefano Benvenuti, and Heather Rumble

·        City Resilience to Climate Change Teodoro Georgiadis, Ana Iglesias, and Pedro Iglesias

·        Resource Efficiency and Waste Avoidance Esther Sanyé-Mengual, Joan Rieradevall, and Juan Ignacio Montero

·        Community and Social Justice Aspects of Rooftop Agriculture Kathrin Specht, Kristin Reynolds, and Esther Sanyé-Mengual

·        Designing Green Corridors Network Within Cities: A Case Study in Vienna Maeva Dang

Part V A Geography of Rooftop Agriculture in 20 Projects Henk de Zeeuw, June Komisar, Esther Sanyé-Mengual, Rémi Kahane, Giorgio Gianquinto, Emmanuel Geoffriau, Ching Sian Sia, Alfredo Rodriguez- Delfín, and Salwa Tohme Tawk

·        A Geography of Rooftop Agriculture in 20 Projects Henk de Zeeuw, June Komisar, Esther Sanyé-Mengual, Rémi Kahane, Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, Emmanuel Geoffriau, Ching Sian Sia, Alfredo Rodríguez-Delfín, Salwa Tohmé Tawk, Heshem el Omari, Saumil Shah, Juan Ignacio Montero, B. N. Vishwanath, Rajendra Hegde, Luana Lori, Jessie Banhazl, Christopher Horne, Saber Osman, Carl Philipp Schuck, Viraj Puri, Bryna Bass, Edwin “Pope” Coleman, Chris Somerville, Pol Fabrega, Mat Pember, Amelie Asselin, Ricardo Omar, Sergio Eiji Nagai, Lyvenne Chong-Phoon, Allan Lim, Maria Lloyd, Shuang Liu, Gloria Samperio Ruiz, and Arlene Throness

Part VI Conclusions G. Gianquinto, F. Orsini, and M. Dubbeling

·        Conclusions Marielle Dubbeling, Francesco Orsini, and Giorgio Gianquinto

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