Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems

Susturbanfoods at #GreenCities2017

Next week Susturbanfoods​ will engage in the GreenCities2017 – International symposium​ on greener cities for more efficient ecosystem services in a climate changing world.

Tuesday 12, 17.30h, co-chairing the session “UrbanAg. Networking higher education initiatives on Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture” at Archiginnasio.

Wednesday 13, 12.45h (Session S3.D) Co-chairing the session on “Urban sustainability”.

Wednesday 13, 12.20h (Session S2_C_1). Oral presentation on the social acceptance of urban agriculture in the city of Bologna – Forms and products of urban agriculture in Bologna: A survey on demands, preferences, and social acceptability. Specht, K., Sanyé-Mengual, E., Krikser, T., Orsini, F., Pennisi, G., Gianquinto, G

Thursday 14, 14.30h. (Session 4A). Oral presentation about the participatory process and the engagement of stakeholders in sustainability research. – Employing participatory research design in accounting for the sustainability of urban food systems: the experience of the SustUrbanFoods project. Sanyé-Mengual E, Gianquinto G.

Thursday 14, 15.00h (Session S4_A_3) Evaluating the current state of rooftop agriculture in Western Europe: typologies and implementation constraints. Sanyé-Mengual, E., Kahane, R., Gianquinto, G., Geoffriau, E.

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