Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems

The special session on Quantifying the sustainability of urban gardening, a success!

Last September we enjoyed a fruitful special session at “Growing in Cities” (9-10.9.2016, Basel), the final conference of the COST Action “Urban Allotments Europe”.

Session C1: “Quantifying the sustainability of urban agriculture”

Chairs: Francesco Orsini, Esther Sanyé- Mengual (UNIBO, Italy)

  • Urban gardening: available tools for quantifying sustainability benefits (Daniela Gasperi, Giorgio Ponchia, Giorgio Gianquinto)
  • Stewardship of urban ecosystem services – understanding the value(s) of urban gardens (Johannes Langemeyer, Marta Camps-Calvet, Laura Calvet-Mir, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Stephan Barthel)
  • Integrating geographic, social and environmental tools for urban agriculture sustainability in Barcelona (Susana Toboso, Joan Aynès, Roger Liarte, Carlos Torres, Iván Muñiz, Joan Rieradevall, Anna PetitBoix)
  • A methodological approach to evaluate the links between access to a garden plot and household food insecurity in deprived neighbourhoods of Paris and Sevilla (Jeanne Pourias, Raul Puente Asuero, Christine Aubry, Thomas Ducrocq)

Speakers showed the potential and use of life cycle assessment (LCA), ecosystem services (ES), geographic information systems (GIS) and questionnaires for data collection (social and economic data).

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